“I just tried to make use of the time available”, Dr. Aleena Andrews, Rank 3, NEET-PG 2017, Shares Her Tips and Tricks

1) EduLanche: We understand that you cleared the NEET-PG in your very first attempt. This means you would have got just a few months for the preparation. Can you please share with us, what helped you to achieve AIR 3 in the first attempt?

Dr. Aleena Andrews: As this was my first attempt and I had no other option than to prepare during my internship. I could not spend a lot of time for NEET-PG preparation, and I was not expecting to be a topper. I just tried to make use of the time available and I think rather than the total hours we put in, how effectively one utilises the time is more important.

What has also helped me is having a foundation from the UG period especially in the basic sciences. Thus, in my opinion, preparation for NEET-PG should start at least 10 months prior and this may vary depending on the effort you have put in UG period.

2) EduLanche: How did you prepare for NEET-PG – solving previous question papers or studying subject-wise books with MCQs?

Dr. Aleena Andrews: Just doing MCQs alone won’t be good enough. Familiarizing with the MCQ pattern and finding out high-yield topics and then going back to the subject theory from standard textbooks would be a good option for those preparing for entrance exams. A good base, in theory, will help you in cracking the not-so-familiar questions.

3) EduLanche: Did you attend coaching classes? How useful were they? Do you think cracking the exams is possible with self-study?

Dr. Aleena Andrews: Competition will improve your sharpness and let you know where you stand among peers. Anxiety level may increase if you do self-study and can affect one’s preparation. Frequent exams held in coaching centre helps you to evaluate yourself and rectify the flaws. I had enrolled in coaching class but due to house surgeoncy postings, I was unable to attend the regular classes. I managed to get the benefit of their crash course and also attempted all tests that were conducted.

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